8 Mar ’15

My Indian Adventure

Part 1 of an utterly mind-blasting visit to India.

good morning india

good morning india

Finally found some free time to write about my trip to India I undertook towards the tail end of 2014 – which I must admit, was a most excellent year in general – and what better way to end it than with a 12 hour flight to one of the worlds must culturally vibrant countries?

As there was so much that occurred and experienced, I will succumb to cliches and use mostly pictures instead of words in order to share my experiences with you.

Aga Khan Palace

One of the first places visited was the beautiful Aga Khan Palace that was built in 1892 as an act of charity by the Sultan who wanted to help the citizens of Pune – whom were suffering from famine at the time.

It was later used to imprison one of the most important historical figures of all time – Mahatma Gandhi. It is now used as a museum of sorts to show others where Gandhi spent this period of his life.

I’ll be honest and admit that whilst this wasn’t the most exciting place to visit, it was a nice and relaxed way to start my trip. The palatial gardens and picturesque architecture meant that many locals as well as a handful of tourists were present during my visit, all of whom were enjoying the laid back atmosphere at this attraction.

Nature at it again

Nature at it again

Sinhagad Fort

Possibly the highlight of the entire trip – there aren’t many better feelings than when you spend hours trekking to the top of a mountain and are finally greeted by the glorious views on offer here. Coupled with my passion for all things nature and epic, this was a truly fantastic and peaceful place to visit.

NB: it should also be noted that if you are arriving at the top of a mountain, in India, at midday, it is advisable to wear sun protection as I burnt to an absolute crisp following this trip.

The actual ‘fort’ itself isn’t the most awe-inspiring building, so don’t go with the idea of seeing some monumental structure perched on the top of a mountain. Instead, go with the goal of reaching the top to see the simply incredible views on offer in one of India’s most beautiful locations.

And on those pictures, I shall end this post. Till next time!

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