Business Cards

A self-motivated project to design and produce business cards.



To design and brand myself. Develop a logo/visual style that represents myself as a designer to the world.


From the beginning I knew that I wanted to produce business cards with a black on black aesthetic. This was because I feel this exudes quality and does not scream and shout for attention. It is an understated style and by utilising a black foil finish, adds another dimension to the cards. To reinforce the quality aesthetic, I opted for a thicker card stock than the usual 300gsm that is typically used with business cards.

I decided against a logo because I wanted the typography to speak for itself. I also felt the font was bold enough to negate the need for a logo.

Below are some examples of the various layouts I explored during the design phase.

brand development

I chose a 900gsm card stock, composed of 3 separate layers. This heavier quality construction then allowed the addition of a splash of colour as the middle layer. In-keeping with my website design, I opted for a red layer.

The finished cards can be viewed below.