A striking black and red upholstered bespoke stool - designed and made for a private client.

c para Brief

Design and make an upholstered stool for your client. The client should be involved in the project from start to finish.


The client was researched through informal discussions regarding their interests and hobbies. Visits were then arranged to see their house in order to gain a better insight into their own style and where exactly the stool would be located in the future. Below are some of the images that were amassed during this research stage.



James Green is a cabinet/furniture maker that has decided to enrol at Nottingham Trent University to further hone his design skills. Born on the 1st March 1980, he has a passion for all things skate/underground related such as; graffiti, DJ’ing, music production, snowboarding and photography to name a few. What I found most interesting about working for James was the sheer amount of things we actually have in common. As previously stated, James is passionate regarding the ‘underground’ scene, as am I. He also loves Jungle and Drum & Bass music – two of my personal favourite genres too. Subsequently, I found designing an upholstered stool for him a very pleasant experience as I could draw from my own tastes in design and he was also very self-motivated in providing me with images and information regarding his own taste.


 James Green

Sketch Models

After sketching out some initial ideas, I then proceeded to produce sketch models on the clients favoured designs. These were then presented to the client during one of our weekly meetings where they then chose their favourite.


Once the client had chosen their favourite design, the next stage was to produce the prototype in the workshops. This was my first major fabrication whilst at University so I had to learn a lot of new skills and processes in order to create the final prototype.


Christian is a stool inspired by three-dimensional sound waves and upholstered with a luxurious, striking red leatherette finish. It exudes premium design and quality whilst providing opulent comfort to the user. The high-gloss piano black exterior contrasts beautifully with the red interior detailing, creating both drama and delight.

This was one of the most difficult projects I have undertaken so far. This was due to the sheer amount of manufacturing difficulties that arose in the workshop. Despite this, I regard this as one of the most important projects I have undertaken as the manufacturing lessons learnt were priceless.