Graphic Novel

To present a short story utilising styles from existing graphic novels.


The graphic novel is based upon your field trip later in the year. You are to produce an A3 Image that has an explicit link to the graphic novel. In your submission you must state which graphic novel you have used as a starting point for your work. The text is to be produced by you and it must relate to the experience of visiting Rome or an alternative place agreed with the module leader. All imagery must be primary source only and the whole A3 should reflect an engaging narrative; this could be anything from 20 to 150 words; it is your story.


We join the protagonist on his way to the Baltic in search of a gift for his partner. He’s an ‘old-fashioned’ guy with some rather ‘old-fashioned’ views. Not being particularly excited by the prospect of anniversary gift shopping, he opts for a rather strange gift and quickly rewards himself with a drink.

Graphic Novel inspiration included Sin City & Scarlett Spider.


As I didn’t attend the organised Rome trip, I utilised a day trip I undertook when I went back home to Newcastle. During the day myself and a friend visited the Baltic gallery and I used the imagery captured during that day to create my Graphic Novel. I found this project very enjoyable as it allowed me to develop my graphic design and illustration skills.