HTC Research Report

A design report utilising HTC's design language.

HTC para


In this project you will take on the role of researcher for a selected product design brand or company (your client). You will prepare a research report to support that company’s development of a new product targeted towards a specific market area. This product may take the form of a physical object, service or system.

You will produce a detailed rationale and product specification recommending a course of action for your client based on well documented research methods.


This project was as much about conducting research as it was about branding. Everything about the project had to be not only well and thoughtfully researched, but when it came to presenting those ideas, they needed to be showcased in a style that suited the project.

I decided to conduct my project on HTC (a company I have long admired). Produced when HTC was experiencing one of their most successful periods, the design language used was in-line with their existing marketing and brand image.


I found this project extremely fun and interesting as it combined 2 of my passions within the design area – technology and graphics. The biggest challenge during this project arose from the illustrations found within the document itself. This was because I didn’t have a graphics tablet at the time and therefore had to hand-draw them, scan, edit and then place into the report – a very time-consuming process. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this project.