A stacking metal chair designed and made in Britain.


winner of the new design Britain furniture category 2015.


Design a metal framed chair, exploring tubular and wire manufacture techniques. The concept has to appeal across the domestic/contract markets and include a single chair as the main outcome.


An in-depth overview of the processes behind the design of Kai can be viewed below.


Designed with the goal of merging sculptural flair into a commercial product, Kai is a stackable, metal, wire-frame chair designed and made in Britain. Aimed at the domestic and contract markets, the chair can be powder coated in a wide range of colours to increase both adaptability and durability.

Every detail and line has been considered and perfected during the design of Kai. From the subtle flare of the front legs that enable elegant and secure stacking, to the gradient spacing between the bars to provide optimal support and comfort where it is required most.

Kai’s entire frame is manufactured using steel wire that has been formed using a CNC wire bending machine, with the individual slats welded together by skilled technicians all located in Britain.


Kai was my final year major project at Nottingham Trent University. As a young designer, the opportunity to design and launch a product whilst still being at University was a huge honour and I am grateful to And Then Design for providing support throughout this collaboration, and showing enough confidence in my design work to release this product.

Designed in collaboration with And Then Design, Kai can be purchased here.