Verner Panton S Chair

To produce a 1:5 scale replica of any 'classic' design.

panton para Brief

To recreate any iconic piece of furniture design or toy on a 1:5 scale in the workshop. I chose to recreate the timeless ‘S’ Chair by Verner Panton.

The ‘S’ Chair more commonly known as the Panton Chair due to it’s designer, Verner Panton. The first chair to be manufactured from a single piece of material, it made a huge splash within the design community and wider audiences in the 1960’s when it was first released. Appearing in fashion magazines such as Vogue and winning several design accolades, it has become a true design icon standing the test of time.


I began by producing front, side, top and back elevation drawings of the chair on AutoCAD before adhering them to a solid block of blue foam. I then proceeded to machine out the unnecessary material using a band-saw and through sanding by hand.

Once I had created the correct form, I then applied a special paper (effectively advanced paper mache) to the blue foam before removing the paper and then applying car body filler to provide density and strength to my cast of the blue foam mould.

This was then sanded down further before applying a red painted finish.


I found this particular project quite challenging as it was the first major workshop-based project during my first year at University. However, as difficult as it was to visualise how I was going to recreate the S chairs’ form, it was a rewarding experience nonetheless. The model-making skills I learnt during this project have been of great use when it has come to later projects requiring sketch and presentation models.